Man City player to Idol Showcase!💥

Idol News!💥 Former Manchester City (U21) and Wales (U19) player attends Idol Football Trail in Sweden! Sam Tattum is 22 years old, and good technical player, comfortable in possession of the ball. Excellent understanding of the game. Good football brain, tactically both attacking and defensive very clever.

Good athlete, quick and strong stamina. Great ability to move up and down the pitch in quick succession throughout the game. Strong communication skills on the pitch to organise. Quality delivery from wide areas and using left and right foot.💯⚽️ For more info about the attending players are or Trial games contact us.. 👇@idolfootball @sportandevent @mancity ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Upcoming Trial!👀⚽

🇸🇪 July 15-30 / 2019

For more information:



☎ + 46 8 660007

📱 + 46 708 818212

📶 Stay Tuned

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