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Emil Efremovski on signing with IFK Eskilstuna!

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The Guy with plan B and an example to follow!!

Sabir Musa was 19 when he left Kano in Nigeria to study in China.

For four years he has studied at the Shenyang University of Technology in Shenyang and has graduated with the Bachelor's Degree. In parallel with his studies, he has played football in China. After finishing his studies, Sabir played in China for another 2 years, but after Corona broke out, Sabir decided to return to Nigeria. With the help of Sport & Event Management, Sabir now gets a chance to show off in Europe, after signing for IK Frej.

We hope that his football career will continue upwards, but at the same time, it is important that he has an education that can help him get a job in the future...

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