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During the summer break, Säters IF was in the last place of Division 3. They were in dire need for help to stay in the division so they contacted Idol Football to see if they could provide players to keep them from being relegated. Idol Football sent four Americans by the names of Darion Mealing, Dmitry Zhuravlev, Christian Roman, and Marcos Granados. Shortly after their departure to Säters IF, they started to see results. Today Säters IF beat Hille with a score of 3-1 with a goal being scored by Dimitri and another by Darion. This result and many others coming after the summer break led the team to be able to stay in Division 3! We would like to thank the coach Roland Bärtilsson and the president of the club Ingalill Frank for giving these players an opportunity. Congratulations to Säters IF!!! 🌟 If you would like to have the chance to find a club, then you are welcome to sign up for a trial with Idol Football. Also, if you are a Club looking for players which make a difference, please contact us at

📞+ 46 708818212

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