Guidelines for the Corona outbreak

The Swedish Football Association has today updated its guidelines for Swedish football during the corona epidemic. New is that SvFF recommends all associations to invite interested audiences not to come to the matches.

The corona eruption puts great strain on our society. Swedish football has a responsibility to help ensure that the consequences are as manageable as possible and that as few as possible are affected. SvFF has therefore developed guidelines and recommendations in support of associations, district associations and other interested parties. Our approach in the current situation is to adapt our operations and take the measures that the situation requires. The decisions we make are based on the information available, and on the directives of the government and the responsible authorities. At the same time, we are aware that the situation is constantly changing and that we may need to rethink positions. The need to minimize the risk of contagion is having a significant impact on competition throughout the country. Health always comes first - it has been the starting point both for the decisions taken by the Board regarding SvFF's competitions, and for the recommendations that the district associations have made regarding the district's competitions. At the same time, it is important that the local business that can still be run - it is also important for public health. SvFF has developed guidelines and recommendations that all parts of the football movement should adhere to. We believe these can be a good support that makes it easier for associations to take care of their business and make decisions in a challenging time. However, everyone must be aware that the situation can change quickly - new decisions from the authorities can come, the situation can both worsen and improve. These recommendations and guidelines may therefore need to be updated (in principle, it should be assumed that this will happen). If this happens, SvFF will notify all concerned as quickly as possible.

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