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Welcoming new members and thank you for your support

Before we begin, we would like to express our sincerest sympathies to those affected by last night's earthquake in Morocco. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Dear Idol Football Community,

In the world of football, passion for this beautiful game is the driving force behind every great achievement in this sport we cherish. And recently, we've experienced an overwhelming surge of passion and enthusiasm from new members of our vibrant international community.

In the past few weeks, Idol Football has been inundated with interest from eager football players around the globe. We've seen over 8,000 unique visitors on our website, along with countless messages on WhatsApp and Instagram. It's both heartwarming and inspiring to witness such a strong response to our project and the idea behind Idol Football. Your interest in Idol Football reaffirms our mission, vision, and values. Our trials offer aspiring football players a unique opportunity to showcase their skills, receive top-tier coaching, and gain exposure to scouts, coaches, and clubs in Europe, This has struck a chord with thousands of young talented players around the globe and we know that our platform has immense potential to help others.

This surge in interest coincided with the closing of the European transfer window, which presented its own set of challenges for us in terms of timely responses. We want to express our deep appreciation for your patience during this period.

For those new to Idol Football, we bid you welcome, and want to share a few details about the project and what we can offer prospective players.

Purpose: Our trials are designed to evaluate and identify talented players who have the potential to pursue a professional football career.

Duration: We offer trials ranging from 1 week to 3 months, allowing players ample time to showcase their skills and adapt to our training methodologies.

Coaching Staff: Our trials are led by experienced and UEFA-licensed coaches who provide comprehensive training sessions and individual feedback.

Exposure Opportunities: We have a wide network of scouts, coaches, and club representatives who attend our trials, creating opportunities for aspiring talents.

Player Development: We focus not only on talent identification but also on player development, enhancing technical skills, tactical understanding, fitness, and mental resilience.

However, please note that due to logistical constraints, we cannot accept non-EU players under the age of 18 and EU players under the age of 16 into our programs.

To find specific information about our trials, including upcoming dates, locations, and registration details, we recommend visiting our website, The next trial period is scheduled for November 2023. While we strive to respond to each inquiry diligently, our website provides comprehensive information about Idol Football.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our passionate football community. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to providing a platform for talent identification and player development. We look forward to potentially having you as part of the Idol Football journey and helping you achieve your football aspirations.

Warm regards,

Idol Football

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