Idol Football FAQ


What is Idol Football?


Our mission is to discover talented players and to help them develop and to reach their full potential. We provide professional, top-level training with UEFA licensed coaches and full player support.


What is Idol Football Trial/Showcase?


  • Idol Football Showcase is a unique opportunity for players of all ages to showcase their talent in front of professional clubs and scouts and to have a chance to earn a contract with a team. All players train with UEFA licensed coaches at top-level facilities in a professional environment and play showcase games against local teams.

Why Trial?


  • The platforms that professional clubs use when looking for players are TRANSFERMARKT, where you can see the player's history and market value, and WYSCOUT AND INSTAT, which are scouting tools where all the data, statistics, and match analysis about the players are available.
    If there is no information about you on these three platforms or if you are playing in a league that is not scouted, the only way to be seen is to do a Trial. Idol Football Showcase is an excellent opportunity to be scouted by PRO clubs.


When is the Trial/Showcase?


  • The next Showcase is from July 17-31, 2022.


How long is the Trial/Showcase?


  • We offer 1-week and 2-week packages.


How much does the Trial/Showcase cost?


  • 1 week is 1690 Euros

  • 2 weeks are 2490 Euros


Where is the Trial/Showcase?


  • The main location for the showcase is Västerås/Stockholm, Sweden. The training sessions are held at Iver Park Arena, and games are played at various locations.


Who can apply?


  • All players that believe they have what it takes to be a professional footballer.


What is the age policy?


  • The recommended age to attend is 18 and over. If you are under 18, contact us for more information.


What information is required from the players?

  • Passport copy

  • Your CV (curriculum, resume, information about your career)

  • Highlight video and/or full games

  • WhatsApp number and email address


What is included in the prices?


  • Hotel accommodation, including breakfast and WiFi

  • Transportations

  • Training with UEFA licensed coaches

  • Games against local teams

  • Training kit

  • Match kit

  • Showcase in front of professional clubs and scouts

  • Photos and Videos

  • Match Analysis

  • Visa invitation


What is not included in the prices?

  • Airline tickets

  • Insurance


What happens after the showcase?


  • The goal is to help players find a club. 

  • If you are not yet ready to sign a professional contract and do not get scouted by any club, we will stay in touch and we will do our best to recommend you to various clubs using our network.


Important Visa information


Payment Information


  • Credit/Debit card or PayPal via the website.