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"The platforms that professional clubs use when looking for players are TRANSFERMARKT, where you can see the player's history and market value, and WYSCOUT AND INSTAT, which are scouting tools where you can see all the data, statistics, and match analysis about the players.
If there is no information about you on these three platforms or if you are playing in a league that is not scouted, the only way to be seen is to do a Trial. We offer both Individual Trials and Showcase where you can get the opportunity to be scouted."


Idol Football


individual trial

individual trial

residential program


International Showcase

International Showcase gives you the opportunity to train and play in a professional environment whit UEFA Licensed Coaches. You also get the chance to play matches against local clubs from Sweden in front of coaches and scouts​

Individual Trial

Individual Trial is an excellent opportunity to be seen directly by coaches and scouts. You will be placed in an environment well-suited to your current and potential ability and you will have a chance to earn a pro contract. 

idol fooball academy showcase
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