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I remember myself watching my favourite football club (Olympiacos FC) with the company of my father and my brother. I also remember myself playing football at our local football pitch. These memories bring chills through my spine.

My love for football made me join several local football clubs,but I never felt that i really belonged in a team.

Once I reached 17 years old I asked for a football trial from Olympiacos FC,but they didn't answer. At the age of 19 I went at UK football trials,scored 2 goals and didn't get scouted. However,the UK football trials were not organised so well to be honest. After 2 years of working at the worst job I once again joined a football team,but the worst covid measures took place in my country,Greece.

I am almost 24 years old now,educated on the field of Statistics and Insurance Science and I believe a good football trial could end up as life changing decision.

Marios Kyriakis

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